Saturday, October 23, 2010

USDAA Nationals - It wasn't all about Agility

Okay, it was......but there were other things to see and do!  

For instance, we went car shopping for Meme!!

We didn't even have to go far!  
This one was parked just a few vehicles away!
Talk about making our silver van easy to spot!

 We went to Churchill Downs.
What a HUGE place that was!


Here's Barbaro!!
What a spectacular Statue!

 Then we went for a walk at a beautiful park 
across from the Louisville Zoo!

Did I mention how awesome the weather was!!!

We even had some time to tour the lot for RVs. 
Not that we'll ever get one, but it was fun to look. 

Is it just me....or is there just something WRONG
with this PICTURE!!  G

Now, this is ROUGHING IT!

OH, This is NOT good!!
RV with UM... back up......
Van camping is looking better all the time!

Kruz would like to get back to agility NOW!!!
He was in his element!
So many little time!

Here's another video from Kentucky.  
Some clips from walks, there were 5 groups (A-G)
There was some electronic difficulties on Saturday night, 
so the gate steward and crowd kept us entertained.
With Clapping, Waves, and those crazy bleacher runners!

There was a Canine Cancer Lure Coursing.
Seeker really wanted to play!
You can hear him crying as the Rott
is chasing the lure!
Fun to watch!!

 We had fabulous weather on the way home as well.  
Here's the bridge from KY to IN.  
(the ambulance wasn't for us!)

 The Scenery was pretty!

Seeker got to play with his new Wubbie!


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Now I want to go!!!!

  2. What fun!

    Phoenix wants to try the lure coursing.