Wednesday, October 20, 2010

USDAA Steeplechase - A-Frame and Weaves

The best part of the week at USDAA Nationals, other when running Seeker, 
was the Steeplechase Saturday night. 
Handlers and dogs were running all out in order to WIN!  
How much fun is that! 

Bill happened to pick the perfect seat!
  Right on the decent of the A-Frame!  
I wanted to see how dogs handled the A, 
and how they were going to handle that tricky stretch right after the Frame.

I really liked how Daisy Peel and Solar handled that jump sequence.
She wrapped Solar around jump #11 and that gave him a
nice line to the next sequence. 

There were others that had a nice push up that line,
but it didn't look as clean as Daisy's.
That being said, Daisy and Solar didn't win the Steeplechase.
It would be interesting however to see if handling it this way would have made 
the first and second place dogs, Feature and Scream, any faster.

Regardless, it was sure a LOT of FUN to watch!

So, the question is:
How will you train your next dog?

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