Friday, March 18, 2011

Catch a Cup - A Trick

Sometimes “Tricks Happen”!!

What I mean is, you’re not even thinking about a trick, but then somehow, it happens.

That’s exactly what happened with this trick, it was just “MAGIC”!

This actually started in a hotel last fall. Bill was focusing on the TV, his Football games were on, and Seeker was focusing on his Poppa! “PLAY WITH ME!!!” Seeker had one of his new green Zanie moons, and wanted someone to throw it for him. Since I ignored him until he went away, Bill was his next logical choice.

Bill threw it a couple times, tossed it in the air a couple times, and then for some very strange reason started balancing it on Seeker’s nose. Crazy thing, Seeker just let him do it! Next think I knew, Bill was no longer watching the TV, he was playing with Seeker. That is one smart puppy!!!

Several months later finds us in another hotel room. Seeker is bored, but we’re both too lazy to go get him a toy out of the van. Next thing I know, Seeker finds my empty plastic cup and runs to Bill with it. I grab the flip, Bill balances the cup, and a movie is made! In one shot! AMAZING!!! He even caught the cup without crushing it.

To begin get a toy that has some ‘staying power’, meaning it will easily sit across your dog’s nose. You’ll need to play with this part, as every dog is different. Bill never said a word, and still doesn’t. Seeker just waits for it to be set, and he also decides when to catch it.

I would assume this would be fairly easy to switch to a ‘treat’ on the nose. We haven’t tried that yet. For a very food motivated dog, the toy would be much easier. At least that’s what I think.

Just play with it and see what happens.
 If nothing else, you’ll get a few laughs!
Isn’t that what training is all about?

Having FUN!!!

Speaking of Magic!!

Happy Birthday Mad and Kruz.

Hugs to Mad Dog who turned 11 on the 18th and Kruz who turns 13 on the 19th!!

Happy Birthday Kids!!!

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