Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Amazing Kid and Her "Big" White Dog Too!!!

Natalie finished Peach, her Samoyed's, AXJ on Sunday.  
They also earned their first MACH points in Standard!

 What's truly Amazing about this is, Natalie is 7 and Peach is 4.  
Natalie has trained Peach all on her own.  
She started coming out to class when she was 3 years old.  
She is one remarkable KID!

 Us Orange People, "kind" of like her!

We also realize it's just not physically 'safe' to be anywhere
NEAR her Me maw, Liz, while Nat's running.
You are likely to be squeezed, pinched, punched, 
and then have your ear drums ruptured!
Yep, distance is best!

I'm pretty sure if all kids were as cool as Nat, 
we'd all have one!

Here's some of the collection of pictures I have.
Those toddler legs just crack me up.
It's amazing how much she's changed in just a few years.

Peach is without a doubt Natalie's Biggest Fan!


As Natalie said after her Jumpers Q, 
"Now I can start earning those MACH Q's!"
Without a doubt Nat. Without a doubt!

Seeker and I will be staying OUT of the 20" class for awhile.
Good Luck to the rest of you!


  1. Yeah Natalie!!! We are so proud of you!!!

  2. Natalie truly is one of a kind. She's a lot of fun to be around and she just is having the time of her life with Peach. I'm really glad you are "orange" Nat. There is a whole bunch of fans routing for you. Just keep having fun.

  3. Congratulations Natalie. You are lucky to have such a great dog and Peach is lucky to be trained and loved by you. I'm sure we will be reading a lot more about you both in the future.

  4. Good job, Nat! Looking forward to that MACH cake!

  5. I was really impressed with this young lady and had just assumed the dog was "trained" by someone else and she was doing an exceptional job handling. She trained the dog too? That is amazing!! I'm sure we will see her racking up those MACHs in no time!!

    Jen (with IWS that contrary to popular opinion, don't secretly wish they were really PWDs!)

  6. That's so cool! I think it's extra cool because of the Northern Breed thing :)