Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend!

(Tracy and Export are in the tunnel)

Got back from Christy’s about 9 PM on Sunday evening 
after a 4 days seminar with Tracy Sklenar, it was a lot of fun!! 
The first 3 days I audited, watch, listened and took notes.  
Boy, are those of you in class going to have FUN!  
There are a lot of fun ideas that I just can’t wait to test you with!  
New agility moves, the Sookie, Disney, LaLaLaLa, and firing your CANNONS!  
Yes, there was a LOT of laughing! 
Euro Day very enlightening!  
What the heck was I thinking going to World Team Tryouts in a couple weeks!  
I’ll definitely be more prepared after this seminar.  
Some serious work on treadles, wraps and serpentine, 
which is exactly what I needed!
Christy, husband Bruce, and daughter Brittany were fantastic!  

Their property is breathtaking and the new baby lambs totally adorable!  


  Seeker had a blast running the trails on part of their 50 acres 
with some of the other dogs.  
He loves Tracy ’s dog Export, 
and thinks he needs a border border jack jack of his very own. 
The weather seemed to know which days we wanted to be inside, 
and which we needed to be out. 
I even came home with a slight sunburn!
If you ever have a chance to attend, 
you won’t be disappointed!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from “Master’s Day”. 

 Our EXTREMELY serious Instructor! 
(Tracy and Export)

Jill - Up and over the A-Frame!!


(Score and Nancy working the yearlings)

(Export having a little fun!)

(Hot Shot in the Weaves) 
Wire Fox Terrier!  
Just for Michele!!

and finally.....
(Mary had a little lamb)....
Um, I mean Christy!!

I'll get the rest of the pictures posted, but with classes, chores and such, 
it will probably be this weekend before I get to them. 

It doesn't help that they are spread over
2 different computers, and 3 different cards!


  1. It looks like you guys had a blast! I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Good pictures too - are you loving the new camera or what???

  2. Hey there, I "stole" the group shot! Thanks for taking it. Had a great time sitting with you on A,B,Cs of handling day!

    Melissa & Treo

  3. Great photos (loved the one of Score and me). It was a pleasant surprise to see your smiling face there. And what a blast to run those Euro courses on Sunday. See you soon.

  4. Export is adorable. What a scruffy little dog.

  5. It was fun hanging out with you for the 4 days. Thanks for letting my old dog have a great experience when we ran into you guys in the driveway. It was MUCH appreciated! Good luck at the try outs. I bet you will have a blast.