Friday, April 22, 2011

Part Two – Grab/Hold the Toy

Seeker's Secret!!

You’ll need your dog, clicker, treats, the bar you used, and a toy.  Begin your session with the bar, c/t a couple times for grabbing the bar.  Now, switch to the toy, holding it in front of the dog and slightly off the ground. C/T if the dog puts a paw on it, you may end up starting ‘over’ a bit, similar to what you did with the ‘bar’. 

You may need to ‘play’ a bit on what size and shape of toy works best for your dog.  It’s going to depend on how your dog grabs and holds the toy.  Seeker seems to do best with longer toys that have a bit of bulk to them.  The stuffed toys with legs are a challenge, as the legs get in the way.  With practice, I’m sure he can get there.  So, dump out that tote of agility toys and experiment!!  You might find some toys you totally forgot about!

If your dog is really struggling with holding the toy, 
go ahead and switch back and forth between the bar and the toy. 

It’s not a RACE!!! Have fun with it!

Seeker and are!!

Part 3 is Pending…..
so this will give you PLENTY of time to perfect “holding the toy”.

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  1. This picture is priceless!!!!! Interesting how some toys work better than others. I would have thought the smaller ones would be better - obviously not always the case. Fun stuff Tammy.