Monday, July 4, 2011

Meet Nettle!


A  12 weeks old black curly Portuguese water dog.  
We've had her two weeks now and we've had a 
heck of a time finding a name.  
I really like the name Geilie, and 
I still find myself calling her that.....
but, I'm sure I can be taught!

Presently we are working on –
Pivot or Perch work
Wrapping around a pole
Crate Games
Pottying on a leash – especially important for those of us that travel!
Basic Good Puppy manners
Chase Games
Meeting new people, canines, cats and birds. 
And “Being Quiet” in her kennel. 
This ones seems to be her biggest challenge!! 
Thankfully she’s quite in the van while it’s moving.
Seeker LOVES her!
Mad and Kruz think she could go back now!
She's able to find EVERY stick in the yard!
Seeker's Tail is taking a BEATING!!!
Our hoses are now all SOAKERS! 
Thanks to the holes she's put in them!
Trust me, she is NOT bringing this toy to ME!
 Party of ONE!
She's such a little FREAK!!
See Below!
You have NO IDEA!!!

We now need help with a Registered Name!!

It's from the "Q" litter!

I personally feel Q should be SKIPPED!!  
Kind of like the 13th floor of the hotel!!

A couple ideas thus far....

Kalista's Quick Get A Net
Kalista's Quite The Catch


  1. How about Kalista's Quiet What a Riot? - Elisabeth Lonergan

  2. Can't wait to meet her in person!!! She looks FABULOUS!!

  3. Kalista's Quota is Met? Kalista's Quiche for Breakfast? Kalista's Quick Stepping Girl? Kalista's Quality Guaranteed? Kalista's Queenly Poise? Kalista's Quoting Shakespeare?

    Whatever her name ends up being, she is adorable.

  4. She is cute (Qute?) as a button. And awesome job with the black dog photos - a challenge for sure!

  5. Quick Get A Net may be very appropriate! Great pics!

  6. Qualifying For A Name - call name Love It?