Sunday, June 26, 2011

Give me a little SKIN!!!!

Our contact pieces now have rubber skins over the aluminum sheeting!

 Thanks to Jeff for helping us ALL DAY Saturday!!!
Master Designer and Einstein Extraordinaire!

Thanks you Marsha for coming over to help with 
the A-FRAME!!!

 You think they are happy workers?
It's the FUMES!

Actually they are celebrating the LAST 
piece of skin being applied.

Jeff flipping and re-attaching the aluminum skin.
The old sanded/painted side is now underneath.

 Bill is busy sanding down the old rivets.

Cougar is in charge of 'Inventory'.

The first contact applied to the teeter.
We started with the smallest piece first in order to 'perfect' our technique!

Some of the supplies.

 The Teeter Seam!

 The top plank of the dogwalk.
Sure is Purdy!

 Jeff securing the dogwalk contact seam.  
The slats were preformed in the rubber.

 This morning, the seams all looked GREAT!

Here's the A-Frame with just the Yellow Contact Zone attached. 

Jeff perfected the 'wax and freezer paper' application technique!  

I'm confident we could do our next set in less than 1/2 the time!



  1. Slip me a little skin and pass the gas mask - those fumes were FUN :-) Think Jeff floated home!! LOL