Monday, June 20, 2011

Kruz and Bill Earn their PAX!!!

Kruz and his best friend, Bill finished his PAX
on Saturday at the ICDOC trial in the Quad Cities.

He'll be 'Grandfathered' in for his PACH 
on July 1st, just a couple weeks.

Thank you Marsha for the DQs you earned last Fall,
and the CAKE - it was delicious!!!!!

Kruz turned 13 in March, and has been so fortunate
to have had an injury free career.

He'll continue to run in the JWW class for awhile,
and help the judges with their Judging!

His absolute FAVORITE think to do!


  1. Congratulations Kruz, Bill and the gang!! Looks like Marsha bakes a great cake. MMMMMMMMMMMM Any leftovers??

  2. OMG, I would have been a bawling mess if I had watched that last class. I love Kruz and always have loved watching him run. He is amazing. Congratulations to Bill and Kruz.

  3. What an awesome team. Love his big woofs at the end of runs. He knows he's pretty special! Congrats.

  4. Great job, Bill and Kruz! Glad I was there to see it. Does this mean we get ANOTHER cake after July 1?

  5. Congratulations!! What a team you two are. . . . hope you have many more runs together!!