Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Dog.....Needs Room to Run.....


I just love those newspaper ads!

So, this morning, I put the 'dogs' outside
to  RUN, while I did some 'purging' upstairs.

Looked out the window to 
'watch them run!'


Could just ONE of you 
show a little effort????

I think they are just waiting
for me to put a sofa out there 
for them to lay on.  


  1. Oh yeah. Someone tried to tell me it was mean to my dogs that I live in a tiny apartment with only a very small yard. Seriously, even in a huge yard, the dogs don't exercise themselves. That's what going to parks, for bike rides, and to flyball practice is for!

  2. Why is it, they are quiet outside and lay around like slugs, then they come in the house and ricochet off the walls!