Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shaping To Help

Shaping is really a great way to mold desired behavior.  Some times it might even be for the animals own welfare.  Granted, we can all physically touch, or restrain our dogs.

But....what if you couldn't??

I know there are strong views on zoos, this post isn't about that.  
It's about how shaping is used to help care for these animals.  
Pretty interesting stuff.

Thanks Marsha for sharing!
I know you are going to want a new target stick!!!

Did someone say MEATBALLS!!


  1. Cool. If you were training something that could peel your face off with one paw swat, you would definitely need a hands-off approach!

    Hmmm . . . meatballs for supper tonight?

  2. I think I might need one of those touch sticks for Vinnie!!!