Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New PWD Water Exercise?

We took the dogs swimming out to Sandy Beach last Sunday.  It’s quite possibly the last swim outing of the year.  What a beautiful day, and although the water was a bit chilly, once you were in, it was fine.  The dogs didn’t seem to mind one bit.

It’s quite apparent that next year I’ll need to take Nettle swimming without Seeker.  She can’t seem to focus when there’s a Border Collie tail around.  She ‘thought’ about grabbing Kruz’s once, but didn’t follow through with it, funny how that is.  I do wish Seeker would tell her to stop and really mean it, as I can tell he’s not happy about the ‘tow line’ either. 

I think I might have to suggest a new water exercise to the PWDCA (Portuguese Water Dog Club of America).  The exercise would involve the ability to latch onto a Border Collie’s tail and then proceed to be ‘towed’ out, and/or ‘towed’ in.  This of course would require that PWD owners have a Border Collie willing to have it’s tail pulled.  Not a high likelihood of that, I suppose.

I was happy with Nettle’s swimming style, she’s nice and level in the water.  She lacks some confidence going out very far after she got a bit winded.  Swimming is hard work, so we’ll work on that slowly next year.  Kruz stays in the shallows now, but seemed to enjoy himself.  Seeker, well, he’s a water bum…what can I say.  We had to ‘make’ him stop, he would have happily played out in the water all day.  

(sorry about the color, it was brown vs. red, HONEST!)

Afterward, everyone got a bath.  Would have been a good time to take a ‘family picture’, but alas, opportunity missed! 

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  1. Very cute!! I don't think we're going to have too many more nice days for outings like this!!