Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tsunami in Iowa???

Yes, it's true!
Sunday evening, there was a Tsunami in Iowa!!
Just ask my Goldfish!

(The Face of Innocence??)

A little Background.....

I moved my fish into the house a couple weeks ago.  They are inexpensive feeder goldfish, which I’d used in my ‘barrel pond’.  It was a peacefully quite existence.  The most frightening part of the day was when one of the cats used it as a water bowl. 

As the cooler weather hit, I thought it might be fun to keep them over the winter, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a tank, filter, however.  Goldfish like cooler water, so unlike our dogs, they are perfect low maintenance pets.  A large tote filled with water was the PERFECT solution.  Another plus, they are able to spend most of the winter out on our small enclosed porch. 

It was all good….until the Tsunami struck!!

No matter what you’ve heard……
Tsunami’s are black, 17” tall, 30 lb, little curly monsters.
Our Tsunami’s name is Nettle!

I was sitting at the computer Sunday, playing my favorite ‘mindless’ computer game – Penguin Pirates, when I ‘heard’ the ‘noise’.  A whooshing noise, that only comes from PWD feet paddling in water!  Water??  MY FISH!!!  #%#$&#&%

 Yes, Nettle decided to have ‘a party of one’ and plunge her feet into the 20 gallon tote and DIG! 

I pulled Nettle from the ‘pond’, and I’m trying to hold her still as water is running off her face, and front legs.  Her tail wagging happily as I’m hollering for HELP!!!  Bill of course, was in his ‘man cave’, watching football.  He must have waited for a commercial, as it seemed like forever before he came with a towel.

The Border Collies are both hiding, 
“It wasn’t us!!!  We tried to STOP HER.  It wasn’t us!!”

I’m now frantically counting fish in the debris of shredded water plants, and stirred up goldfish dung….eeewww!!!  One, two, three, and four!!  All still "happily??" in the water!!  That was close!!

I look around the small enclosed porch and notice more water plant carnage.  Apparently it’s fun to grab a water plant, carry them dripping wet to the bench 17’ away, jump up, and shred the life out of them.  
 This of course was prior to giving the fish a cardiac workout!   
Poor little fish!! 

(A dump and cleaning is now in order)

To the goldfish, a large Oscar must be looking like a good alternative to a PWD.

It’s really hard to be upset with her when she’s so proud of herself. 

I guess I’d better go fill up the baby pool outside for a 
couple more days of fun warm weather!   
Maybe that will keep her out of the fish tote for awhile?
Or….maybe I should just close that door? 
No, that would make too much sense!

I shoulda got a Border Collie!!! 


  1. Sweet little princess baby angel doll was probably just trying to save one of the goldfish from a vicious predator!! So here's what *really* happened. Poor little innocent Nettle went out to the porch and found one of the goldfish tangled in a plant. It was act now or lose that goldfish!! She quickly pulled the plant from the water, taking it to the softest, safest place she could find... the bench. She then carefully untangled the poor little fish from the plant. Unfortunately, the plant sustained some damage. Nettle then placed the grateful goldfish back in the tote. The goldfish was *so* grateful and happy that he and Nettle started giving each other high fives. This must be when you found her on the porch. See? There's two sides to every story!!

  2. LOL!!! Wouldn't this have been great on video - both stories!

  3. I you shoulda got a fish tank. With a lock.