Monday, February 1, 2010


HIT Kalista's Icebreaker CD RA WWD

Nicole Bearman and Breaker attended an Obedience trial in Janesville, WI today.
It was actually 2 AKC trials in one day.
Breaker was entered in Open A Obedience and scored 195 and First Place in the first trial.

In the second trial he out did himself with a 198 1/2 with First Place and HIGH IN TRIAL!!!!

We are so very proud of Breaker (and Nicole of course) and this wonderful accomplishment.
I suppose Nicole did do some of the training, oh and paid the entry fee.
Breaker just read the rule book and played along.

One leg to go for his CDX!!

Way to go BREAKER!!! .....


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  1. That's cool! I wondered how those two-in-one-day AKC trials were going to work. Apparently he liked it just fine!