Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ocea - The Portuguese Water Dog

Hello - Ocea's episode of The Dog Show is on the Internet!
Over the summer Donna Chicone asked me (Kristi) and Ocea
to be on the show to talk about PWD water trials and demonstrate water work.
She came to the lake in August and filmed Ocea doing a variety of exercises,
and in early January we went to the TV studio to film the interview.
The show is on many community cable stations
(see the "Stations" section in the website),
and is also the featured episode (#38) on the homepage right now.

Check it out at:

(Kalista's Cerulean Wave CDX RAE AX MXJ WWD SROM)
is Nina's 1/2 sister

She's an awesome Water Dog!
Excelling in Water, Obedience and Agility!

Not to mention a GREAT COMPANION!