Monday, January 25, 2010

Newest Orange Team Member! MARTI!!!!

Carrie and Mike are the proud new owners of MARTI!!
A little Cardigan Corgi.

They made a 'world wind' tour over the weekend to pick her up.
Chicago, Pittsburgh, Chicago and then the Perkins
parking lot in Cedar Rapids so we could
SQUEEZE her first hand!!

I even got to potty her!
I think???

Helpful hint for potting Corgi puppies.
They are so short that you have to look
for the tail to be in the air to know if
they are going!!

Not sure what you do with Pembrokes?

You can squeeze her yourself this
weekend in Davenport!


  1. She's just plain cute. How's she doing with her weaves?

  2. I hear her contacts are coming along!!

  3. She is adorable. Can't wait to squeeze her this weekend!

  4. She really is the cutest puppy I have seen lately. I always thought I might want a Cardi some day. What a doll!