Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is the Steeplechase?

It's a Tournament game designed to show
a team's ability to work at speed.

Bottom line, it's a jumpers course with
Weaves and A-Frame added in order to
add a little twist of difficultly.

There are two rounds of competition.

Everyone who's entered runs in Round 1.
You must qualify, being within the time allowed,
(which is determined by the fastest 3 dogs in
each height), in order to move to Round 2.

You pay one entry fee,
with the chance to run twice.
The second run is for MONEY!
Don't get too excited,
it's not usually that much.

As far as scoring, you do not have refusals, it's just time.
A bar down adds 5 seconds to your time, as
does a missed contact.
Thus you can drop a bar, or miss a contact
and move to Round 2 if you are fast enough.
An off course, like in every class
is an Elimination. Or NQ.

Steeplechase also requires that you
complete either the Weave Poles
or A Frame twice in a course.
Thus, if your Round 1 has the weaves
twice and you make it to Round 2,
you know you'll be facing the A Frame twice.

Below is the Steeplechase Course
from Saturday in O'Fallon.'
The cut off for qualifying time was
35 seconds and change.
The fastest time was 28 and change.
This course had weaves twice, so
you know what that meant for
Sunday! Double A Frame!

Here's Sunday's Course.
Seeker took the off course tunnel on
the way to the #16 A Frame.
That tunnel was just too tempting
after the other two times through.
He was in pretty good company.

This is a really fun class, but
you'd better have your running
shoes on.....oh and a lead out!

That discrimination is 60' from the start line!


  1. Looks awesome. I think Jazz and I would have to grow wings to make that time! Oh well - maybe Coach will run like the wind. I know I never will.