Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh What FUN!

Sunday didn't go so well from a "Q" stand point.

From a lessons learned stand point...WOW!
Seeker ran Jumpers first again.
Seeker's 'one jump' syndrome,
reared his ugly head...again!
Hey, it's just one jump and
I know he can keep them all up.

The trend of the weekend,
or maybe it's a USDAA thing,
was depressed jumps with a
turn in the opposite direction.
We did pretty well at these overall,
but it did cost us a "Q" in the Grand Prix
as Seeker turned in the 'logical' direction
and I was late on my call. Thus he took
an off course jump. RATS!!

It seemed to be one thing or another.
An off course 'usually' my fault.
Or one bar down, his fault.
We came away about even for the weekend.
If we could only coordinate our 'Screw ups' on the same runs! G
Stuff happens!
Bottom line, we had fun and
we got to take ALL the dogs home.
Sound and healthy!
You can't get a better prize than that!

The trial was held at a brand new soccer complex.
It just opened in November,
it was very nice!
We had to use a back entrance for the dogs,
apparently they couldn't
afford a handle for this door yet! G

I loved the duct tape handle!

We did have a lot of fun.
Kruz was stacked on top of Seeker's
crate all weekend which allowed him
to watch every single run!

He might have had more fun if he got to
run too, but he'd have to jump a bit
higher than we'd like. Thus, he got to watch!

We worked a lot of classes.
It's a great way to learn!
Not to mention, people notice!
Cynthia sad that the 'orange people'
are always willing to help out!
What a GREAT compliment!
Not to mention I won the

Michele H - You can have the basket,
for a raffle or prize at the ICDOC obed trail,
minus chocolate of course! G

I did some scribing, gate stewarding, and
also tackled the 'bowling sheet'
for Starter Gamblers!
That was FUN!!
Like I said, 'A great learning experience!'

We hung around for Rnd#2 of Steeplechase
to gain some experience.
He did very well, but had an off course.
That's the 'kiss of death' and an elimination.
No matter which class it is.
You'll just have to trust me when I say,
"You don't want to hear the toot of the whisle"
Yep, just like in TRACKING! G

Here are some of the 22" dogs that ran
in the Second Round.

I will admit, it looked like a BC convention!
There were a lot of Aussie present as well.
The 22" and 26" seemed to be dominated by
herding dogs or mixed breeds.

And Finally.....What's the best way
to top off an agility weekend?

But finding a pair of ORANGE SHOES!!!


  1. Where are my sunglasses! I think my eyeballs just burned out! Those shoes are definitely a good way to distract the judge!

  2. You bought those???? Did you get enough for everyone????

    Love Kruz's bleacher seat! LOL I'll bet he LOVED that.