Friday, January 1, 2010

USDAA O'Fallon, IL - New Years Weekend!

What a way to start off the year!
Yep, with an Agility Trial!!
It doesn't get any better than this!
(Okay, if it was 5 hrs closer, that would be nice!)

Oh, did I mention it's SNOWING!
Bill said, it's just flurries, but 90 minutes's still coming down!
So much for skateboarding in a clean parking lot!

This is a 3 day trial with today's classes for teams and pairs.
Since I don't know the rules, and don't have a teammate,
(2 GOOD REASONS!) we just drove in today.

Tomorrow Seeker will be running in 5 classes.
Advanced Gamblers, Adv Standard,
Starters Jumpers (we really need a leg!!),
Starters Snooker, and Steeplechase.

Sunday he's running in Adv Stnd, Grand Prix,
Starters Jumpers, Starter Snooker,
Adv Gamblers and Steeplechase rd,
if he makes the cut.

Keeping track of what classes to enter is like
tracking your credit hours in college,
without an advisor!

USDAA doesn't allow move ups the same weekend.
Thus, we need one more leg in St Snooker, but
if we get a leg tomorrow we can't move up until the next trial.

If we can get just one Starter Jumpers leg,
we can move into all the Adv classes
at our next USDAA trial.

We're trying to earn his AD, Agilty Dog,
but need 3 judges and thus three weekends to do it.
It seems that you only have one judge per weekend.

Any level dog can enter the Grand Prix or Steeplechase.
These classes are needed in order to be
eligible to enter USDAA Nationals.
It will be held in the Fall of 2010.
Where? I'm not sure yet.

I honestly don't know any other reason
you'd enter these two classes?
Other than for fun and money!
I'm sure they are needed for something,
but I'm not sure what.

Maybe I'll ask tomorrow?

Until then, hug your dog and stay WARM!


  1. Tammy, if you want to you DO NOT have to keep Seeker in Starters Jumpers. If you have his Starters Standard titled and 1 leg in all of the games classes (Gamblers, Snooker, Pairs, Jumpers) you can move him into Advanced Jumpers!

  2. Thanks....unfortunately, Jumper has NOT been kind to us. ONE JUMP SYNDROME!! No more! We got'er done today! YIPPEE!!!