Monday, April 30, 2012

Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Dogs do TRICKS!!

The Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center

 This evening Seeker and I had the opportunity to visit the IC Animal Care and Adoption Center.  We visited with their staff of volunteers to discuss 'trick training'!  HUGE thanks to Liz and Carol for inviting me out for an evening of fun and learning!

This is a small shelter, but don't be fooled by the size, they have some GREAT dogs!!  The volunteers and I worked with 4 of their dogs this evening, but only two currently have their pictures listed.  All were very nice trainable dogs.

Swisher - he's an Am Staff, and he was all about putting 4 feet in a laundry basket.  We actually had him going into a suitcase by the end of the night.  A few of the 'cookies' got stuck in the bottom, so we also deemed him a certified 'drug dog', as he was scratching at the corner to retrieve the treat.  

Wendy, is a golden retriever mix.  She warmed up quickly and really enjoyed the training.  She already has an amazing sit and down, so we added a great start to:  Roll Over, Play Dead, Sit up and Matt was working on a 'shake', he'll get it!!  She also LOVED to play fetch with a ball!  What a sweet girl!  The most amazing thing about her was the automatic behavior of "It's Yer Choice".  If you had treats in your hand, she just sat right back and waited for you to give her one.  No jumping, or trying to get it out of your hand!  GOOD GIRL!!

Polka, a little terrier mix has a lot of potential!   She did well in the 'box' after we put in some bedding and is a doll.  A very nice little personality, and will be a quick placement!

Finally, Porter, a young black lab.  I know what your thinking, a wild and crazy boy!  You are so wrong!  A nicer, sweeter boy you'd be pressed to find. He will be an 'easy' train, but tonight he seemed more into just cuddling with his 'peeps', than doing any serious work.  I think fewer distractions will be just the ticket for this guy!  He needs a family with some kids, so if you're one of those, RUN, don't walk!  I can't imagine he'll be there long either. 

Hats off to all the volunteers that put so much time, love, and care into this facility!  
It truly shows in the amazing animals that are available for adoption! 

Take a BOW!!! 

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  1. Thank you for doing this. Any advantage these dogs can get to help them find forever homes they deserve. And knowing a trick or two can be impressing. Those dedicated volunteers will be working at what you showed them. Two days with Swisher and he would have know ALL the tricks you could teach him.