Friday, April 27, 2012

Start Lines

What's 'YOUR' criteria?

This is what really matters, it's not what 'I' think, it's not what anyone else thinks, it's you that matters. You'll need to be the one to train it, you'll need to be the one to proof it, and you'll need to be the one that trials with it.

It's much easier to start off with what you want, than it is to go back and try to fix it later.  Not that it's impossible to do, it's very doable, just easier if you get it from the 'start'. (Pun Intended)

This is one of my favorite videos, makes me smile every time I watch it.  Not because of the broken starts, but because I enjoy seeing my friends and their dogs.  Some of the dogs are gone now, and those kids are getting BIGGER!  It's just amazing...just two and a half years ago.  Time sure flies!  I will admit, there is one part that can make me laugh out loud each time I see it....I'm pretty sure you can figure out what part that is. 

What's also interesting, to me anyway, is what our dogs are showing us.  They are nothing, if not honest in what they've been shown is acceptable.  Ring wise?  Maybe, but then how did they get that way, and who allowed it?

We had a discussion at class about feeling 'rushed' during open work outs, and being told to 'Just sit your dog and go'.  There is a 2 minute (or so) time limit for your time on the equipment each turn.  So, I asked, what's more important?  Your start line, or your time on the equipment?  Again, this isn't my decision, it's the handlers. 

What I suggested was that they pick a 'turn' in which they will only work their start line.  Spend your whole time there, rewarding, breaking off for a game of 'chase the cookie in my hand', or 'tug'.  Set them back up, lead out, maybe even release them over the first jump.  Don't even think about running the course.  

On there next turn, if they want to use that as a 'test' to see where their start line is at, great.  You need to be sure to have in your mind what you will do if they 'fail'.  Will you let them run the course because you really want to, or will you go back and work your start line again?  

If you are really set on working the course, and you aren't sure they will stay, have someone hold them for you.  That way, you get to work your course, without the start line being an issue. 

Bottom line, you do need to be aware of the time that you are taking when working in a group setting.  You also need to prioritize what is most important for you at that time.  Having the ability to work a start line in a distracting environment is AWESOME!  So, do take advantage of it.  Because let's face it......We all know that they can do it......AT HOME!!! 

Happy Training!


  1. I love this too. I was just thankful Ryelee and Sophie both stayed for me during the video. We had a big talk before hand. I do have a criteria for Nike - I just need to work VERY hard convincing both of us that it is for the better.

  2. Love this video - hard to choose a favorite part! LOL