Monday, April 2, 2012

Start Lines, Recalls at USDAA Trial

The 'Fam' packed up and headed to Crystal Lake, IL early Saturday morning, or last Friday evening.  The time (2:30 am), depends on how 'split' your day.  It's Saturday morning to me, but I realize a lot of people won't look at it that way!  The plus side of leaving in the wee hours is you don't have to deal with a lot of traffic, and you save a night of hotel expenses!  

Of course at all events you have a little 'down time', so this weekend my focus was on Nettle and working a few 'set point' jumps, recalls, and start lines.  I waited until a course was being set before I played with her, as I don't want to use the practice jump, or cause an unwanted distraction while someone is preparing for their run.  

Sunday we did mostly recalls and start lines.  She was AWESOME!  The distractions were perfect!  Sometimes we'd have someone pass between us, dogs/handlers and even a tunnel was carried by.  I finally thought to 'flip' a couple, so here they are! 

(Nettle sitting, Tammy running and Deb crossing)

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.  
This was NOT planned, but hey, things happen!

How did I get her to hold positions?
(I know...I don't see a crate in this video either!)
Seriously....$35 folks!

Seeker has a super nice weekend.....expect for the first run of the day on Saturday.  Carol L was WAY happy, as she'd had a 5 hr energy drink, I'm pretty sure she SPLIT it with SEEKER!!  OMG!!  The class was Gamblers, and thankfully it doesn't really matter if the dog 'does what it wants'...and he did!!  It was a comedy of errors!  LOL 

He got both of his Tournaments for Nationals however, and won Steeplechase...for MONEY! (Guess who bought Dairy Queen!!)  He should have won Grand Prix too (for a buy), but I seriously got lost, and as Natalie would say, "He saved my BACON!" What a mess...but we got it done! I so needed that "Bang Head Here" sign!!

We came away with MORE homework.  He thinks if I post up at a jump that I'm going to rear cross, so need to work on making the difference clear to him.  He also doesn't know what "OUT" means, as I've never taught him that.  To be honest, the last thing I really want him to do is to go and look for obstacles on his own, but in Gamblers you kind of need it.  So, I'll put it on our 'to do' list.

We also got to see a lot of 'relatives'!!  Terry was there with 'full brother' (2 years younger), Time.  Denise was there with cousin, Reese. Carol had Pirate (1/2 sister) and Cousin, Rio.  Tom has little 5 month old 'nephew', 'Who", that little white puppy I loved in Dena's last litter.  Typical EPD (Excessive Personality Disorder) gene present in that boy!  What an adorable puppy, who obviously has such joy for life!  I love that!!  It's so much fun to see the Fam!!

On the way home we passed the 'Dog Wash' again!  I grabbed my 'flip' to produce this poor quality photo, but you get the idea.  I wonder how it does?  There were two large wash tubs, a great idea IMO. 


We of course found a Dairy Queen on the way home. 
Seeker entertained the people sitting outside, as he stared into the DQ as we were ordering.  He promptly started licking his lips as we exited.  Is there ANY doubt he KNOWS what this is all about?  No, none what so ever.  I'm just hoping that no one ever tells him there are LARGER cones than the 'baby' size! G

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