Monday, December 7, 2009

ICDOC Trials

Home trials are always nice!!
You get to STAY HOME!!!

Not only that, we always seem to do well when we stay at home.
I'm not sure if it's because we all get to sleep in our
own beds or if it's that you're staying busy at the
trials, so you don't really have time to worry about
your runs.

The down side is that you miss watching
everyone else run as you're busy working!

I always enjoy watching those that I
don't get to see run very often.
It gives me an idea of where they are
in their training and what things we need
to work on for next spring.

Speaking of it here yet?
We missed the snow this year!!
Just by a few hours however.

Congratulations to all those Qs!!!
I know there were a LOT of them!

Here's a little video that
Carrie and Meme helped me
shoot over the weekend!


  1. That was AWESOME!!! I have to watch it again and again!!! Loved Natalie's close up! LOL

  2. How fun!!! The music was perfect. Still think Abigail and Melinda was the best. Watching this at work - need to stop giggling before others get here.

  3. Love it! How fun! Esp. the part where I got attacked by that Doberman. She was obviously going for my throat! LOL

  4. GREAT video! And, what a fun trial. Hopefully next year we can be ready to show....