Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puppy Class - The Final Chapter! TRICKS

Here's our puppy class picture!!
(I know, it looks like a boxer specialty!)
We took it the last night of class, just so all
of the puppies would be well trained!!
Isn't it AMAZING!!!

(Yes, that's Carol hiding behind her puppy!)

I truly believe one of the most important things
that make a great companion as well as
performance dog is your RELATIONSHIP!
If you remember nothing else, remember that!

The tricks you taught are a great way to
build that relationship and give your
puppy an opportunity to learn fun things!
It also helps them teach them "how to learn".

I feel you've all come such a long
way on building a strong relationship
with your puppies!
Keep it up!

One thing that I thought was
so impressive is the amount of
attention your puppies were giving you.
Even in a room with 7 other puppies!

You were SMASHING!!

As promised, here's the
spectacular puppy trick video!!

If we had 4 more weeks we would
have been doing THIS!!!
Who wants to join the circus with me!!
There is nothing more fun!
Always train, like it's a TRICK!


  1. That was awesome - I about crapped when I thought he was going to toss the little dog up!! Thanks for the puppy video - VERY good job!!

  2. Fun stuff Tammy. Good job all you "puppy students". So, if I want to take a pupply class from you - do I need to get a boxer?

  3. Can't believe how much they've all grown! Very fun video. We can say we knew those boxers "back when."