Monday, November 30, 2009

Wentzville, MO - Thanksgiving Results & Superstitions

Dear Santa,
I've been VERY good this year.

Carrie, Bill and I took Thanksgiving weekend to head to Wentzville, MO. The weather was AMAZING! They could have held the trial outside!

It was obvious to most of MO that the ‘orange’ people had ‘downsized’ for the Holiday. I’m not talking a weight loss program here! I was asked several times where the ‘others’ were, so know you were MISSED!!

We also brought along our own Turkey dinner which we dined on each evening.

Turkey, Martha's cheesy potatoes, yams, corn casserole and pumpkin pie!

Yes, we were CARB LOADING!

Carrie and Addie had an ALMOST perfect weekend with 3 DQs - 6 first places and she was a TOTAL MACH POINTS PIG! Her head ‘barely’ fit in the van on the way home. Thankfully she bought DQ!!! They would have been perfect, but she entered FAST on Friday. Oh well, lesson learned!

What the heck is she doing here???

She's just calling home!


Kruz and Seeker had the run of “one thing” going on!! It seemed almost every course caused us just a minor problem. Of course it was in the EASY part! GO FIGURE!! Seeker did come away with his first ‘official’ DQ on Sunday. The courses each day couldn’t have been nicer!

There was also a horse sale going on over in the ‘big barn’. If you like Saddlebreds or Hackney Ponies, this was the place to be! They all looked very polished and sold CHEAP!! The arena was decorated with Pine Trees and Poinsettias, which we took advantage from Saturday evening. I’m still not sure I like my new ‘point and shoot’, what looks good in the screen is not always what you get on the monitor. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to live with it.

Seeker tried to wear Addie out in the hotel room each evening. I think he was getting sick of being shown up by a corgi! It didn’t work!

Saturday and Sunday’s discussion involved ‘superstitions’. Anything from a ‘lucky shirt’, ‘lucky numbers, to ‘lucky socks’. We finally came to the conclusion that there was a ‘lucky stall’ in the women’s bathroom. I waited longer in line for that stall on Sunday and it paid off!! Do you have a superstition?

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  1. Aren't they just the sweetest couple!! You could have made Border-orgis!! Very rare and valuable!!