Monday, November 23, 2009

Grand Prix N Steeple Chase - USDAA

We traveled south to Lawrence, KS over the weekend to attend a USDAA trial.
Seeker is in Starters, which is the entry level. This was his second trial and it continues to be a lot of fun.

The biggest difference between AKC and USDAA is the jump heights.

AKC jump heights = 8/12/16/20/24.
USDAA jump heights = 12/16/22/26.

The 22” jump height cut off is 21” and under, thus those that fit into the 20” class (22” and under) in AKC, may find themselves jumping 26” in USDAA.

For those that enjoy running multiple times a day, USDAA might be a good choice for you. The “Titling” Classes include; ‘Standard’ and it does have a table. The table position is ALWAYS a down (sorry Michele and Packer!). They also have games; Jumpers (no weaves), Gamblers (the gamble is at the end of the run), Snooker (you learn what red jumps are!), and Pairs (you run with another handler/dog and have to hand off a baton).

Just when you think that’s enough, they have the
Tournament Classes!
These are the classes that qualify you for the
USDAA National Tournament.

Grand Prix which involves all the standard agility equipment,
minus the TABLE!!

They also have the Steeple Chase, which has jumps, tunnels, broad jump, the A Frame and Weaves. One day you do the weaves twice, the next day you complete the A Frame twice. I guess I should tell you that the only way you get to run the second day is if you Q the first day. (It’s complicated!! Well, not really….just at the moment I’m finding it challenging to explain.)

This is the PAY OUT CLASS!!

Yes, you win MONEY!!

So, let me tell you about Seeker and Dervishes Tournament Class results.
Both classes were on Saturday. I think that’s the norm?
Being so experienced with this venue and all, let’s say they are.

Dervish runs the Grand Prix in FINE fashion with a clean run and a Q!
Seeker also runs clean and gets a Q!
We are all very happy and getting a little full of ourselves.
It was a LOT of fun.
You must be clean and under time in Grand Prix to Qualify.

So, off to Steeple Chase! We have the A Frame twice today.
Most USDAA handlers run through contacts,
but since our boys are younger we hold ours for a second.
Dervish runs, does a great job, but drops a bar. BUMMER!!!!
Seeker also runs well and RATS, was that a bar down too!!
So, we’re very happy with their runs, but disappointed with the bars.
Well, next time!!

So, I’m up at the scorers table and come to find out that
you don’t have to be ‘clean’ in Steeple Chase!
Dervish and Seeker each had a 5 Point fault
(5 added seconds to your time)
for a dropped bar, but if you’re ‘fast enough’
you can still qualify!


A certain percent of the class moves into the finals
and as long as you weren’t eliminated
(AKA – have an off course),
you can get in! YIPPEE!!!
We’re both in the finals the next day!

Of course when I tell Wendie she thinks I’m making it up.
Geez, why do people think that! I would NEVER kid about a Q!!!
So, we’re on cloud 9 again.
We’re making plans on how we’re going to spend
all our cash after we win it the following day.

NOT SO FAST!!! You have to Qualify in the finals first!!

Luckily, Finals is just for fun and cash.
You don’t have to Q the second day in order
to earn your Q for Nationals.

Sunday we had weaves twice, A Frame once.
The course looked challenging,
but I was pretty confident we could do it.
Wendie was too, and she showed me how
she was going to do the ending.

She’s so smart!!
I decided to it that way too.

We walked and walked and finally we’re ready to go!!

Wendie and Dervish are off running!
Over the frame, into the weaves, tunnel, jump,
jump, chute, broad, jump,
weaves (rear cross)…Dervish pulled out of the weaves.
Not a HUGE deal, it’s only a Major Fault (5 pts),
they head into the end 180 and circle,
the last wrap and Dervish blind crosses
Wendie and takes the off course “DEATH” jump. UGH!!!!

Seeker’s up.
Looking great until the second approach to the weaves.
I just HAVE to front cross and end up driving him to an off course
The rest of the course was nice and Wendie’s closing idea worked nicely.

Bottom line, both boys LOST their LUNCH MONEY!!
Seeker lucked out as I found a DQ gift card in Bill’s billfold! G

It was a lot of fun and we look forward to playing again some time.


  1. You guys are BRILLIANT!!!! Too bad about the big bucks!

  2. Not to worry. Dervish did get lunch despite our failure to bring home the big bucks. Special doggie bag from Hickory Park! Yum.

  3. Finally, a dog venue you can MAKE money in! Oh, wait, but you still have to earn it. I'd better pack my own lunch. GGG Good job and fun videos.