Saturday, November 14, 2009

AKC Muscatine, IA - Saturday Results

The Muscatine Agility Club held their first AKC Agility Trial today and did a WONDERFUL job! Maybe it was just the zillon cookies Laura made!! WHO CARES!! They were delicious and we had a lot of fun.

A couple new titles to report, which is always fun!!
Coz and Barb finished their AX today!! GOOD JOB YOU!!!
Seeker and I got out of the Exc A JWW class! YIPPEE US!!

There were many Q's today!
Terry and Rippy had a couple FABULOUS runs for a DQ!!

Everyone had some wonderfully positive things to take home.
We also have some 'take aways' that will help us get BETTER!

Here's a clip of some of Saturday's runs.
Okay, so no clips from file was too big!!

I'll work on it Sunday night!


First one....

Number Two!

Number Three....


  1. Yipeeee!! Nice runs - good job you on that front cross in standard!!

  2. So much fun to watch. Thanks for doing this. So much fun to have been there!!!