Sunday, November 15, 2009

AKC Muscatine - Sunday Results

It's all fun and games until....someone 'breaks a knee'!!!
You think I'm kidding?

Well, I'm probably incorrect about the knee, I 'heard' it was a dislocation, but it did NOT sound pleasant. It occurred in the first class of the day, 24" Exc JWW. NO, it was NOT an Orange person as I'm sure you are all thinking JEFF and BEA! It did involve a 'cougar', yellow lab however. Hum...First off, the gender was wrong, secondly, Bea is in the 20" class. She left the trial in a stretcher and seemed to be in good humor. Her husband had her dog and seemed to be leaving to follow them to the local hospital. There lies the difference between a nice loving husband, and one that will "catch ya later", as there was still Standard to run yet.......hum....would Bill go or stay?? Good Question!

We really hope she's okay and back to running her dog really soon!!!

Title results today!

Jet and Mary Beth finished a MACH 2!!

Wendy and Dervish - AX!

Melinda and Phoenix - AXJ


Let's not forget PAULY!!!

So many really nice runs this weekend.
The audience was really 'into' the runs!
It was a lot of fun to hear the cheering!

For Seeker, we came away with some homework.
We need to gain more confidence in our wraps and rear crossing the A-Frame.
I just need to keep my head in the game for the entire 25-45 seconds vs.
taking the occasional NANO-NAP!
We had fun, bottom line, that's what matters!
Out next event is USDAA in KS.

I'll continue to work on some videos this week.


  1. Awesome runs and congrats to everyone! I like one-ring trials where you actually get to SEE your friends run!

    In addition to great agility, we had cream puffs, pumpkin bread, pecan bars, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies and another kind of cookies. And Carrie made dog cookies.

    I love you guys!

  2. Yay for a good food and good friends. Congrats to all that had a nice weekend. I wanted to add that Natalie and Peach finished their NA on Sunday. That's four titles in less than a year. Plus a CD leg. On a Samoyed. Trained by a six year old. Thank goodness she's giving me lessons.