Sunday, November 22, 2009

USDAA - Lawrence, KS

We just got back from the Casa De Canine of Greater Kansas City -
USDAA Trial in Lawrence, KS.

We had a BLAST and both Seeker and Dervish did extremely well!

I'll post more tomorrow 'if' I find the time.

Seeker took his Skate Board with him to KS.
We got a few practices in at the trail and hotel.

Here's a short clip of him 'testing' it out in the
parking lot at the hotel.

I think he's actually GETTING IT!


  1. JL - your dog can skateboard and I can't even get my dog to learn his stinkin' trick for puppy class!!!

    Seeker looks awesome!!

  2. Fun stuff. If I get a BC, will YOU teach it to do that??? I suppose we'll be seeking ramps in your yard in the near future. That's my boy!

  3. If he goes any faster, he's gonna need a helmet!