Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kay Lowe Passed away 12/25/09

I just heard that Kay passed away last night.
She had been ill for some time.
What a HUGE loss for the Dog Community.

Kay had been training a variety of
breeds of dogs for years before I met her.
She probably had the biggest impact
for me as an obedience trainer.
She's the first person I took a class with
that used food in training!
That was back in 1993, after our
one year old Bichon, Molly,
finished her CD.
WOW! What a change!

Kay was highly sought after
as an obedience instructor.
She was truly kind to both
human and canine students.
I don't think I ever saw her
lose her temper.

One of my fondest memories of Kay
was when 4 of us, Kay, Melinda, Marsha and myself,
piled into a SUV in order to attend a
Judy Howard Obedience Seminar in MN.
Marsha had Robin, her whippet.
I'm not sure if any other dogs attended?

That night at the hotel, we shared
a room! Yes, all 4 of us!
We paired up in beds, Me and Melinda,
Kay with Marsha.
All of a sudden we hear some
patting noise, along with Kay saying,
"It's alright Robin."
Then you hear Marsha's voice,
"That's NOT Robin!"
We all burst out laughing!
It was truly hysterical.

Kay had some great one liners.
Another night in the hotel resulted
in some 'banging' in the room
next door.
Luckily, I slept through it.
Not Kay!
That morning when someone
commented on it,
Kay spoke up and said,
"I sure hope he got a wart on it!"
What a card!

Kay showed mostly in obedience,
but she did try her hand at some
UKC agility as well.

She showed, Goldens, Eskimos,
Shelties, a Lab, Poms, an Aussie,
as well as Border Collies.
All of which at some time had been
call "Fluffy". It was her 'catch all' name.

Kay really touched so many people,
and so many dogs!
Kay, you will be missed!

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  1. I miss Kay and her CandyMistyFluffyShadowBreeze dogs.