Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Tell "Go DOG"!!!!

Poor Seeker had an unfortunate accident with "Mr Chicken" at class a couple weeks ago.  Seeker LOVES his "Mr Chicken", it was a birthday present from his sister, Go Dog, AKA - Shiver, in MN.   Mr Chicken is a pretty good pacifier, Seeker holds him in his mouth, crying, and drooling while other dogs run.  He doesn't understand that other dogs like to play on the 'toys' too They are NOT all for him.  Hum, who would have thought! He thinks this is a very stupid idea!  MINE MINE MINE!

Mr Chicken is pretty fancy bird, not only does he have a squeaker in his body, he has a rattle in his head.  Sometimes I think Seeker and Mr Chicken have a lot in common!  
Mr Chicken lost his legs during an innocent game of tug.  
I  got the legs, Seeker got the body. 
I came away, once more with the short end of the ..... um...bird.

Last week wasn't quite the same without him. 
Sure, Seeker loves ALL toys, 
but MC seems to pacify him better than most. 
I think it's the nice streamline shape.

So, tonight I got out the sewing machine and reattached some legs.
I sure hope I didn't need a license to perform this surgery!!

Although it's not perfect, he is at least ONE toy again.
Seeker was so excited to see him out, then terribly disappointed when he 
disappeared back into the training bag!  

Tuesday Seeker!  

I Promise!

Almost as good as new!

Stay Tuned for Trick #4 tomorrow!

It's pre-homework for trick #5!


  1. Curiosity is peaked for the tricks. Maybe Seeker should have a spare Mr. Chicken, just in case. Poor buddy.

  2. On behalf of The Dog... "NNNNOOOOoooooo! Not the Chicken!! So young- he had his whole life ahead of him! How will he ever tug again???"

    So tragic. It's always the good chickens with head rattles that get bisected in playtime maulings. Hope he pulls through surgery! ( But if not, Go Dog knows what to get him for his next bday!!)

  3. Definitely tragic. Phoenix suggests a nice jute or french linen version of Mr. Chicken w/no pesky appendages. Of course, Phoenix has a lot of suggestions about a lot of things, so choose carefully before following malinois advice.

  4. Vinnie HIGHLY recommends the Go Dog Baby Dragons - they have chew guard and are some of his favorites (ok... so one is missing and wing and now it's TWO toys!!)

  5. oops... here's the link:

  6. Those are adorable!! With CHEW guard technology!!

  7. We have chickens like that...a little pile of them, the chicken graveyard, we plan on fixing them...but it hasn't they lay there :) Waiting...