Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trick # 3 - Take My Hand - Safety First!

Remember, safety first when crossing those busy intersections!  

 Did you’re mom use to take you by the hand?  Even when you got ‘old enough’ to look for traffic for yourself?  If you were like me, you would push her hand away and say, “Mom!!” kind of embarrassing huh.  Well, we’re going to do the same thing with our furry kids.  What the heck, it's only a trick!

This trick is a breeze if your dog already knows how to shake hands.  If he doesn’t, you might want to teach that first.  Since the ‘shake hands’ trick is generally performed while facing the dog, all we need to do is change the handlers position to the side, and to a more upright position.


You’ll need your dog, a clicker, and treats.  Hold out your hand and c/t when he gives you his paw.  You don't need the dog in a sitting position, it doesn't really matter.  Do this several more times without the ‘shake’ command, he’ll soon be offering his paw.  Now, slowly start to rotate your position to his side, staying low, or on your knees, whatever’s comfortable.  You’ll also be rotating your hand, see below, so it will be easier to walk with him later.  Don’t be in a rush getting rotated all the way to his side. 

Regarding hand position, I find it easiest for me if the back of my hand is toward the dog’s shoulder.  This means the paw will be in my palm, with the back of my hand in-between his shoulder and foot.

Once this is accomplished, slowly start to stand.  He’ll need to start to come off his front feet in order to reach your hand.  Be sure to reward generously for the smallest attempts. You can lure him a bit to get him to understand you do want him to jump up.  This is difficult for dogs that have been taught good social manners to stay ‘off’.  G

You’re standing up progression should only go as fast as your dog’s understanding of this exercise, so be patient. 

The final product should be that you can ask your dog to “Take my hand” and he’ll come up onto 2 legs and walk with you.  You can begin from a stand still, but soon will be able to ask for this while he’s walking. 

This is another nice stretching exercise while waiting ringside for your agility run.

I hope you're having fun with your trick training!!  
You're also building a wonderful working relationship along the way!! 



  1. That is the cutest trick ever! I'm really loving these tricks - so many new ideas! Thank you! :)

  2. Thanks for all the trick ideas and training tips! I look forward to these blog posts in particular.:)