Friday, January 7, 2011

What to do with a spare 90 minutes?

I had a 'date' this morning with Michele and Cougar at the 4RK9's building.  They were going to assist me with some upcoming trick videos.  Don't ask Michele to tell you what the tricks were!  She's suppose to keep them a secret!  If not, she'll need to retrieve a Frisbee in her mouth after it's been played with by Bea and Cougar for an hour!  It'll be nice and gross by then!  G

So, I put this video clip together.  I really like this song, and will admit, I got it from Susan Garrett.  I'm more of a 'rock and roll' type person, but liked John Mellencamp back in the day when he used "Cougar" in there too.

So, here it is.......I love those silly dogs! 


  1. Awesome and yep - enjoy EVERY moment! Great post.

  2. Very, very fun and inspiring.

    Love Seeker's psycho snowy squash-biting pic.

  3. Aw! What a bunch of characters! Entertaining for life! Love Brother Dog. So handsome and funny. :)