Wednesday, February 9, 2011

200K! Way to go CARRIE!!

Carrie is the name of our 2003 Honda Odyssey. 

As we left for a USDAA Trial in Lawrence, KS this weekend, I knew it would be the big FLIP in the odometer for Carrie.  So, I had my camera ready to take the picture!  As luck would have it, right as we’re going through downtown Kansas City!!  Bill’s driving, our Garmin, “Jack” is yapping, and I have my hand and camera between the steering wheel and the dash.  Try explaining THAT accident to your insurance person!  (speaking of Jack, he learned a NEW word!!  Turn “Sharply” – Seriously Jack??  Get a LIFE!!)  

Here's the's a little blurry.
We were exiting at 55+ mph.

I do like the Casa USDAA Lawrence, KS trial. 
I must, because it’s a darn awful long drive at 5/5 hours one way. 
It’s got to be the most boring drive ever!! 
The people at the trial are nice, everyone chips in and works. 
There are worker prizes! 
I won a JUMP!
GO ME!!!

Seeker got a much needed Steeplechase Qualifier,
 and won a whole $8 on Sunday!!   
Bill and I promptly spent it at the Bethany Dairy Queen! 

I met the cutest Boston Terrier pup ever!
 He was 9 weeks old and cute cute cute!! 
His name is Metro! 
I had to tell her about the movie with Metro Man! 
How totally fun is that!  Great name!! 
I wonder what I’d look like running a Boston?

Seeker got a 3rd Master’s Pairs Leg! 
Thanks Jennifer and Wired!!

Seek had a fantastically fun run in Jumpers on Saturday,
with some lovely tight turns. 
What a BLAST!!
(Double click to make it larger)

Now Back to Carrie………

How can you love a van? 

Are you kidding me?

This van has been a HUGE part of my life for the last 7 ½ years. 

She has taken us to multiple classes, seminars, lessons, trials (both agility, and water). 

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve slept in this van.  She carries our dogs, trial gear, and friends without a complaint.  She’s been hit by a ‘blind guy’, a deer, and had her tires peed on by strange dogs. 

Way to go Carrie!!   

Here’s to 200 more!!!!


  1. Congrats on winning the jump! What an awesome prize! And of course Yay Carrie! I hope she keeps going for 200000 more!

  2. Yahoo! way to go, Carrie! My 2004 Odyssey van, Bark,is only at 112,000...I need to trial more! Congrats on a great weekend...hope you did a shout out to my sister, Barb Woods, who lives in Lawrence and teaches at KU....just kiddin'! I don't see her often is a honkin' long haul to Lawrence!

  3. yeah Carrie!!! Shorty is right behind ya at 177,000!! We should have CAKE!! :-)

  4. We should definitely have a cake! Yay for crazy dog people who name their vans. C3P0 is only at 70,000. She's just a baby.