Monday, February 7, 2011

Understanding - Ian Dunbar

This has an important message for all of us. 

I've had a few people tell me that they will not teach the "Pat Down Search" 
trick because it will teach their dog to 'jump up' on people.  

If they are doing that now, this trick had nothing to do with it.  
Not to mention, this trick has nothing to do with jumping up on people. 

If the dog is jumping up on people, it's because it's because that's 
what it's been rewarded for.  Please be considerate of those that 
trying to work on this bad habit.  Don't say, "It's okay", and proceed 
to pet the dog while it's up on you.  Instead, take a step back, wait 
for the sit and reward freely!

Your friends will LOVE you for it!!


  1. Thanks for posting this. He really is great - isn't he? I will keep trying to properly train myself. I'm sure my dogs will appreciate it!

  2. Awesome - I have never heard him speak before!