Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MACH Rippy and Terry Ryan

Rippy, along with Terry, earned their MACH 
on Saturday 1/29 at the Scott County 
AKC Agility Trial last Saturday.  

What a fantastic accomplishment!!! 

Rippy is Terry's first agility dog - his Novice A dog.  
Not every dog and handler can earn a MACH,
from Novice A - MACH, it's even fewer.
20 Double Q's and 750 Points

Congratulations Terry and Rippy!  

What a special team

We are so glad we got to be there!!!


  1. Oh my GOD!! I am so happy for Terry. There have been so many times where Terry and Rippy were up for that last double Q and just one thing went wrong. I've been routing for them and wish I would have been there. Please pass along my congratulations to this wonderful team. Nancy Little, Reason, Score, and Schema

  2. Congratulations to Terry and Rippy, a great team with lots of heart. It takes a good dog, a good handler and lots of dedication to get to that MACH finish line. Wish we could have been there to share your joy but thanks to Tammy we got to watch her marvelous video of the QQ - several times. Don and Tina