Friday, February 11, 2011

A Trick! Vinnie Putting His Toys Away!!

We're Proud to Introduce -

Our VERY First "Guest Trickster"!! 

Marsha Kingsley and Vinnie!

 Thank you for this fun idea!!! 

(Vinnie - Picture stolen from his Blog) 

"Put Away Your Toys"

This is a fun trick to teach you dog – you have to get all those toys put away some how!!

Before you teach this trick, your dog should have a reliable retrieve to hand (yet another fun and useful trick!!)

First – get together lots of good treats, a basket (or tote or box) of suitable size for your dog to put toys in, a clicker and several different toys. I like to use different toys so your dog won’t fixate on one toy and only be able to put that toy away. You want him to be able to put all his toys away. For teaching this trick, however, I would recommend using toys that are smaller and not “floppy”. The floppy ones tend to get hung up on the edge of the basket and not make it all the way in.

Start out with the basket beside you and toss a toy for your dog. As he brings it back, place your hand over the basket. When he places the toy in your hand, let the toy drop into the basket (click for your dog dropping or releasing the toy). Gradually increase your distance from the basket and fade your hand from the dog’s picture always clicking for the dog dropping the toy in the basket. After all those years of retrieving to your hand, it’s not easy to learn to drop it away from you!! Remember to give lots of praise and rewards!! Start leaving your dog on a stay and placing the toys around the basket to put away. Retrieving a thrown toy is very different for some dogs than retrieving a toy that has not been thrown. Start asking for your dog to put away a couple toys between rewards. Pretty soon, you’ll have that house all cleaned up!!

This is a really fun trick to teach and can lead to lots of other fun tricks… A couple that I can think of: teaching a dog to play basketball with one of those toddler basketball hoops, throwing the trash away, putting cans in a recycling bin, etc…

Now go have FUN with your dog!!

If you're interested in being a guest Trickster.

Please contact me!! 

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  1. What a tidy little critter. Does he vacuum and dust, too?