Monday, April 27, 2009

Columbia, MO Results

We had WONDERFUL weather in Columbia! There were "hints" of storms from the weather forecasters, but we avoided all of the rain! YIPPEE!! Not that it mattered since we were "inside", but it's nice to be able to work out of the vans and not have to run in and out of the rain. The temperatures were warmer than we were use to, 85 degrees and up! For the most part, we did just fine with the temps. It did result in some "white" legs being flashed, but I'm sure those from MO will survive. Attending were Paula (Petra), Tracy (Sydney), Michele H (Bea/Cider), Michele F (Packer), Carrie (Paulie/Addie) and myself (Kruz/Mad Dog).
Kruz had the whitest legs of the bunch. G

We did have a VERY confused Cardinal every morning. The poor guy thought that every vehicle was carrying another "male" Cardinal that was trying to take over his 'turf'. Thus he would go from van to van and attack the window, side mirrors and YES even the inside rear view mirror. He didn't realize that he was just attacking 'himself'. It was quite the work out and rather intertaining to watch.

The matting was "different". The best way to describe it would be to picture a burlap bag type texture with a black rubber overlay. It's kind of a woven pattern I suppose. I didn't "love it", but I didn't necessarily "hate it" either. Better than mats, but I didn't like it as well as dirt or soccer turf. One caution that I'd heard before going was to be sure your dogs feet were dry as they will tend to burn pads if running with wet or sweaty feet. Another good reason that it didn't RAIN!!

The parking wasn't bad. We were told that parking would be tight, but apparently they planned really well as it wasn't a problem. We were able to work out of the van, which for me is a plus!

The building was interesting, it was basically a white "hoop" building. It was HUGE!!! Taller than the normal hoop building that you see around the farming community. It had 3 rows of fans and 66 - 4 bulb fluorescent lights. I counted!! It got a bit warm at times, but not too bad. No flapping of fabric, very clean. A very nice set up, it would be perfect if they'd change the flooring to that soccer turf, but you can't have EVERYTHING!

"Team Orange" made a good showing in MO. Several DQ's by Cider, Addie and Kruz. Lots of single Q's all around!!! Packer Q'ed in JWW on everyone run with some color to go with that GREEN!! Great job!! Bea picked up some more points to keep her in the top 25 Labrador ranking. (Still needing that one DQ for her MACH - next trial is in Ames) Sydney saved "face" by getting out of "jail" in Novice Preferred JWW. He's a PWD with an MXJ and has been a bit 'squirrel' about his Nov JWW runs. HAPPY 10th Birthday SID!

Petra MADE TIME in JWW Exc B!!!! Great job little dog!! She has moved up from the 4" class to 8" to help her get 'in shape' for the 8" jump in obedience. GOOD Petra!!!

Three year old Addie was the super star over the weekend, picking up 2 DQ's and going 5/6 with 152 MACH points. Addie just needs 2 DQs to finish her MACH. Her next trial will be in Omaha in a couple weeks.

Next Saturday we'll be heading up North to watch the "World Team Agility Try-Outs". They are located in Hopkins, MN and the "rumor" is that this will be the last time they are in MN.

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