Thursday, April 16, 2009

News from Cardigan Welsh Corgi Nationals - Topeka, KS!!

Breaking News from Carrie regarding her Trip with Addie to CWC Nationals!!!


Hi all,

Thought I'd drop a quick note from Topeka at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Nationals.
Sunday we did the Herding Instinct Test with goats. She passed once she figured it was ok to herd the goats. She even knipped at one's heels. Came around to their heads to gather them nicely. The weather was miserable, 41 degrees, windy and raining! Good thing I had my agility rain gear.
Today was a great day. I'm waiting for the bubble to burst. I was the first to go in agility, talk about nerves. After getting caught spectating and nearly loosing her in a tunnel we Q'd with a 3rd place.
Jumpers was beautiful with a first place! Double Q with the largest DQ ribbions I've ever seen! As big as most MACH ribbons!
Rally advanced went very well. She listened, no barking or thinking it was an agility course. Scored a 99 out of 100 for second place. Won a very nice blue handmade, pottery mug.
Last, we tested for CGC and TDI (Therapy Dog). And passed!! We even got a ribbon for that!
Tomorrow, Addie's breeder is supposed to be there to watch Addie in agility-no pressure. Had a very nice meal at the performance dinner and am meeting lots of cardi folks.

Second Day.........

Btw, Addie had a brilliant run in std on tue but decided to turn around in the tunnel and come back out. She got 1st in jww.
1st in advance Rally-O for her title.

Nice JOB Addie!!!
Carrie too of course!

Tulsa, OK next Spring anyone???


  1. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Go Go Go Addie Sue!!!!!

  2. Isn't there a law against THAT MANY cardigans in one place?

    Sounds like you're having an awesome National, good job!