Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glen Carbon Update - Bea's MACH Quest.....

An update from Michele and Cider!!

Well, the bad news is that Jeff and Bea did not MACH this last weekend. But it was not from lack of trying. The courses flowed, but were indeed challenging. (See Jeff's comments in the 4/10 post - Sounds like her Sunday's JWW run was INCREDIBLE!!) Not to worry, that Broad Jump will be in our course work this week!

But the good news is that Melinda will have NO trouble getting rid of the Phil Miller award at the banquet next year. In fact, there may have to be a vote as to whom is the most worthy. And I will not be in the running. There are 3 candidates just from last Fri and Sat alone:
-Alas, only Sue Ann was caught on film. Suffice it to say that there is a new maneuver from Fri named the "DRT" short for Dr. Thompson. This could be considered a variation of "the full Kittrell," since there was some contact with the dog.
-Meg Cowell started off Saturday on the wrong foot (before the trial even started) by locking her keys in her van. Did I mention that not only were her keys locked inside, but also her extra key, purse, cell phone, and oh yeah, her dog!
Then there was Terry's fantastic standard run Sat AM. Too bad he forgot one minor detail. This move is right up there with my very own "Hartzler" move. It is yet to be named. Possibilities are: "the terrible Terry" "the reckless Ryan" "the thrill of victory and the agony of the leash." Maybe "the Big Ooops!" would be best, since "OH SH_ _!" isn't allowed.

For more details, you will have to ask the parties involved. I really feel that a printed list of moves, maneuvers, blunders, whatever you choose to call them, is needed for new competitors. This list may be just as important as the book of AKC rules.

Happy trialing, but be careful! Spies for Melinda are everywhere ;-)

Thanks again Michele!! I expect you all to come CLEAN!!!

There are times when some "clarification" of terminology is required within the "Orange People Group". Below are some definitions and explanations.

Phil Miller Award - This is an award presented at the ICDOC (Iowa City Dog Obedience Club Banquet each January. (BTW, they have by far the BEST agility trial every December) This is awarded to the club member who does something EXTREMELY stupid during the year. See examples above! G

The Hartzler Move - Celebrating too soon at the end of a run. The arms of the handler come up in celebration as the dog's butt goes down and knocks the last bar. Come on, you know you've done it!!! You just didn't know it had a name.

The full Kittrell - This is a tricky one, you fall down while running your dog. You proceed to get up and act like "nothing" out of the ordinary has happened. Luckily, no one has been hurt while performing this maneuver. Unless you count Betsy, she broke her wrist....but that was during class. Does that count?

The Wichmann Whirl - This move requires the assistance of the dog. The handler loose site of the dog and thus said handler spins "360 degrees" while dog stays on the correct course. I actually have this one on film!! Wait....I'll post it below.


Obviously this site will need to include these definitions in a side bar so everyone can become familiar with specific moves and knows what to call them.

I can only guess Terry didn't put his dog on the leash at the end of the run. Bet he does do that one again!! Well figure out a name and post it. I like the "DR.T"....we'll get a better description from Sue Ann!! Nice Job Meg!! You'll have to decide what to call that!!

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