Monday, April 20, 2009

Kansas City, MO - Results

Carrie and Addie made the road trip to Kansas City, Mo with Kruz, Mad Dog and I last Friday. Terry - Rippy and Jeff - Bea, joined us on Saturday.

The weather was wonderful on Friday!
Carrie and I were wishing we had shorts, but that changed as rain came into the picture on Saturday and Sunday.
Luckily we were indoors on dirt, my person favorite running surface.

We came away from the weekend with some DQ's and everyone got some singles!!
We even managed to get some colored ribbons!!!

Great job Everyone!!

Bea is still on a quest for that final DQ. She is running FANTASTIC, with just one little thing keeping her from getting it. We're all hoping they will hold off until Ames so that we can ALL "BEA" there to celebrate, but that's purly selfish on our part.

Addie, ever the "clown", managed to NQ in Standard on Saturday by physically "pushing" Carrie back from the table. Addie got on the table and then proceeded to "jump" up on Carrie. UGH!! It was cute, however. G

Addie is shown below with "egg on her face".

Addie made up for it on Sunday by getting a DQ.
Thus she got to finish off the egg salad.
Don't worry Addie!! I'll bring more next weekend!!

Next weekend we'll be in Columbia, MO.
Carrie - Addie, Michele - Packer, Paula - Petra, myself with Kruz and the Mad Dog.


  1. Poor little Addie Sue!!! Hope she gets to eat more egg salad!!

  2. Addie says I'm very sorry and I won't do it again until the next time.