Monday, February 13, 2012

Master Pairs - It's Plain FUN!!!

Seeker and I teamed up with Zildjian and Liane Lewis, from Texas, to compete in the Master Pairs Relay on Sunday at the Lawrence, KS USDAA Trial.  This class consists of two handlers, two dogs, and a baton which the first handler must hand off to the second after completing their part of the course.  Each dog completes 9-10 obstacles, with an exchange area somewhere in the middle. 

Both dogs, and handlers, must remain in the ring while their 'team' is competing.  You are able to hold your dog, or keep it on leash, while the other dog is running.  It's obviously an advantage if you don't have to, so, your exchange is cleaner. Another great reason to work on your impulse control! It's really nice when you pair up with someone, and they tell you their dog is solid at holding position.  I think our exchange saved us a lot of time.

Which half do you do? On this particular course, it was dictated to us which dog needed to complete a side, the lower height dog, Zildjian, needed to complete the second part of the course.  If you get to choose, then you obviously try to pair the dog's strengths with that side.  Another great asset is when it doesn't matter to either handler. 

Pairs is really fun.  You get to meet new people, and run with new dogs.  You must run with 5 different pairs partners (as in dogs) to earn your ADCH (Agility Dog Championship). If you don't have a partner in mind, you simply list the dogs you've successfully competed with and the trial secretary matches you up with someone. 

More Homework at this trail!
Bars all stayed up!
But we need some collection work!
More to come on that later!!  


  1. It was great seeing you... we'll see you again next weekend for some more agility fun! maybe we will be Pairs Partners this time! :o)

  2. That did look like fun. And great job on ALL the bars remaining up. You guys rock.