Monday, February 20, 2012

Master Snooker - What FUN!!!

Handler Rules 
Opening 2-5 are bi-directional.  Combo 6a-b &7a-b may be taken in any manner, so long as each obstacle of the combo is taken only once.  Closing #2 is bi-directional, 3-7 must be taken as indicated.  

Course times - 22/26" = 45 seconds
16" = 47 seconds
12" = 49 seconds 

Remember the basic rules, you begin by taking a red jump (R), then a number obstacle, then (R), a number obstacle, then the last (R), a number obstacle.  Finally you do the closing at 2 until the end.  This must be done in order.  You need a total of 37 points to Q, and there are 51 pts possible on this course.  You want as many points as possible to not only win the class, but to earn a Super Q. 
This was the last class of the day on Sunday, and I thought,
“NO WAY"!!

 My challenge with snooker is that while I get through a complicated opening, I then lose my focus in the closing.  This results in the dreaded WHISTLE  So, I thought I’d go simple and work 3-5’s in the opening.  

Then Ami and I didn’t a little discussion regarding our strategy, thinking 2 brains were better than one here!  She thought 2-5’s and a 7 would work great.  Then I suggested 2-7’s and a 5, which involved a heck of a LOT of running!  We decided we LOVED it, but didn’t want to try to pull the dogs to the inside between the jumps.  It was just more control than either of us thought we had this late in the day.  It is some great homework for later!  Both Seeker and Tazer LOVE extension running, so this was going to be right up there alley!  After 7 runs on Saturday, and this being our 4th or 5th of Sunday, Ami and I were pretty well spent.  Lucky, the ‘boys’ weren’t!  They were awesome!  A couple spins cost us both some time, but they were very good.  Although, I must admit, watching me run 166 yds (that's 1.66 football fields) was quite hysterical.  I still laughing after watching the video. 

Earlier I'd watched a 16” sheltie team accumulate 3-6’s….a really nice smooth transition, and closing.  He accumulated 21 points in his opening, the exactly the same amount we did, without all the running.  It just makes me laugh even more thinking about it.   
We both got though it with 49 points, and a Q! 
Seeker pulled out a Super Q behind Terry and Presto. 
I think he was giving us a chance at the SQ by only going for 50 pts
This was so much fun!
Here's the real funny part!  Ami and I BOTH look like the 'Bubble Girl' running this thing!  
If you don't believe it again!!

Of course Nancy and Schema have to show us how it should be done.  
She's so calm, cool and collected!  
Nice job Nancy and all 51 points to boot.


  1. YEEEEAAAAHHHHH. I think I am running like a gazelle and I am really running like a gimp. I'd love to blame the fact that I had surgery a little over 3 weeks ago...but no.... I need to FREAKIN RUN! That was so much fun. I am going to print off bubble girl and keep her close to my heart at trials so I remember to run.

  2. That was awesome!! Go bubble girls go!!!