Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trial Training for a 10 Month Old...

Of Course, Nettle was along for the 'ride' last weekend when we traveled to Lawrence, KS.  There are so many good lessons to be learned, 'on the road'. How to be quite in a crate while I'm running Seeker.  How to walk on a loose leash through a crowd.  How to old position with distractions. So, we of course did all that! 

We also played a bit with the practice jump, when of course no one else wanted to use it.  This was on Sunday while they were setting the courses, so dogs weren't running at the time.  There were people moving around close by, so plenty of distractions and opportunities to leave her 'work', but she didn't!  Not quite the same energy that I get at home, but it was a great first experience.  I was so happy with her sits, not on foot moved.  Earlier, before people started arriving, I set her up for recalls in the alleyway. She would sit and I could run 50' away, stop and call her.  She never moved!  GOOD GIRL!!

Then we moved onto the table.  Can you get up, do you care about the wicket?  Do you mind the slider bar? I even dropped it once, as you know...that can happen!  I moved her around, because sometimes the judge wants them to stand the opposite way you've loaded them onto the table.  No problem!  Another great experience! 

Make sure you're using your puppies trial experiences to your advantage!
Not to mention, it will make your evening at the hotel much quieter!


  1. I looove my puppy trial practice time! Nettle is so cute. Much better at behaving than certain BS puppies I know...

    Hope I get to MEET her this weekend? A little bird (premium list) told me you were coming to MAC!