Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Homework From the MAC Trial

We had a lot of fun up at the MAC USDAA Trial in Cannon Falls over the weekend.  The ‘games’ we played on home last week really paid off in competition.   Of course we always come away with a bit more homework, so more games to play!

Some of our homework comes from the Gambler’s class.  I’m hesitant to work on it, as the last thing I need him to do right now is to go ‘search’ for obstacles on his own.  That being said, he does need to work on ‘focus forward’, as we’ve, missed out on a couple simple gambles due to lack of it.  I also realized this weekend, that I’ve never given a jump a name, it’s in front of you, and you should jump it (which he does).  So, it might be helpful in Gamblers to not only work on focus forward, but a jump command as well.  Funny things you don’t realize until they bite you in the bum a couple times!!

Speaking of ‘bums’….I had the opportunity to work in an ‘ass pass’, also known as a blind cross in a jumpers run.  It worked really well! Something else I want to continue to work on, and use when the course dictates it.      

While Seeker’s Grand Prix run was nice (shown below), his Steeple Chase wasn’t.  He qualified, but the run was UGLY!!  Stacy P was giving me some grief about handling tentatively.  Yep, I needed it!  Yep it showed!  Tentative handling is NOT your friend! I won’t make that mistake again!  In Steeple Chase Round 2, I was much better, but we need to work on a Broad Jump cue as well, since he kind of landed in the middle of it after my front cross.  Sorry puppy! He still managed to come away with enough money for us all to enjoy a Dairy Queen treat.  Seeker loves his baby cones!

Seeker’s sister, Shiver, was a little torpedo with her running contacts and streamline body.  Holy Cow!  Word on the street is that she’ll be at AKC World Team Try Outs this year, along with Shenna of course!  They are amazing!!  Carol was dubbed, by Bill, as being a “Points Pig” in gamblers, claiming she didn’t have a ‘plan’ with Rio, and then racking up points like there was no tomorrow! 

White wall with white equipment seemed to be an issue with some of the dogs.  Seeker was good with it, but when the weave poles were up against the white wall, there were a lot of missed entries.  I think I might consider painting one of the building walls white, just to work on this. It will of course be a summer project!  Or maybe just a couple white sheets draped over the wall, it would be cheaper and much less intensive. 

We even had a couple visitors over the weekend!  How nice!!!

Linda came out Saturday to see Nettle, she brought along ‘sister’ Keeper.  They were both very well behaved, after the initial crazy happy puppy behavior.  Linda hasn’t seen Nettle since June, so I’m sure she’s changed a bit.  Linda is now my ‘lucky charm’, as we qualified in both tournaments while she was there.  She’ll now be required to follow me everywhere!  LOL 

Krista came out Sunday to see Nettle too!  How nice was that!  Especially since she rode her bike 40 miles, each way, to do it!!  I think she’s crazy, and deep down I think she agrees as well!  It actually was a beautiful day for a bike ride; of course, I’d have limited it to a couple miles of flat terrain! 

Thanks Linda and Krista for coming!  We’ll see you next month!

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