Thursday, June 28, 2012

Agility Class - Does it always need to involve equipment?

Let's face it, it's HOT outside!!  

Too hot, to run agility courses, at least I think so.  It's a tough call, do you cancel class?  Do you let people decide what they want to do?  Do you offer a morning session on the weekend?  Decisions Decisions.

Unless you have an air conditioned facility, you're going to run into these problems.  Luckily for us, or not, there's nothing between our place and Nebraska, so we always have a breeze.  Let's be honest, it's generally gale force winds up here on the Iowa.

For this week, we decided to offer to have class at the 'normal' time, if people wanted to come.  As another option, we offered Saturday morning, for those that can make it. 

Then I got to thinking......Does agility training ALWAYS have to involve agility equipment?  Of course not!  I thought about the things I do with our own dogs, tricks, body awareness, impulse control games, etc.  Things that I can do without a whole lot of running for dog or handler.

These are things I just 'take for granted' that people are doing with their dogs outside of class.  For some handlers, they've either taken a puppy, or trick class with me, so they know them already.  Others have been to seminars, or taken on line courses that recommend these 'games'.

So, last night, tonight and Saturday morning, that was/will be our focus.  Our work 'involved', or will involve, pivot (elephant boards), plank work, discs, holding start line positions, and games in arousal.  Things that are very important to the game of agility, but not something we actually work on during class.

The great things about these games is, you can play then INSIDE at home!  They take virtually NO ROOM, or at least very little!


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