Friday, June 1, 2012

More Weaving Nettle......

Well, I tried the 2X2 suggestion of putting the 6 set of 2x2's just off a titch, using a string....lalalalal.  If you've trained this method, you'll follow.  If not, no biggie, as it didn't work for Net.  I really wonder if they used a closer set of poles for this DVD.  Since it's 4+ years old, I'm guessing they were.

 So, out to the barn to find some closer ones.  I found my old 20-21" set of 3's.  I used these to train Seeker by just tossing a towel over the 3rd rung.  That turned them into 2's.  Hey, sometimes you just work with what you have, and by George, it worked!  Anyway, I digress......

I started with 2 sets of 6 at the 21" poles, no problems, so I put them together.  At first I was still getting the hopping, but now after a few times I think her footwork is getting better.  Her ability to hit the entries is amazing!

The next step, after I add some jumps back in, will be to dig out my 'old' channel set.  I think they are 22".  So, work with those until I'm getting the same footwork I want.  Finally, I'll go back to the 24" set.  I might switch back and forth for awhile, just working her comfort level with striding.

 I'm very happy with her progress thus far!  LOVE THE ATTITUDE!  She's having a BLAST!!  So am I!

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