Thursday, June 14, 2012

Puppy Bumps - they aren't just for PUPPIES!!

I was feeling sorry for my plants along the barn this morning, so decided to water them.  The only thing that's helped keep them looking 'okay', is living on the North side, so spend the majority of their day in the shade.  I didn't have quite enough hose, and didn't feel like bringing any over from the, I used a puppy bump irrigation system!!Yep, a 'new' invention!

Seeker found a 'treat ball' left by Mary Ann in the jumpers yard.  
He was THRILLED!! 
A new toy to play with!  

Of course, he quickly figured out that if you drop it
at the top, you can chase it down!  
He created his own 'chase game'.  

Cougar was appalled!  

 Cougar was even more upset when he noticed that the water 
was going into his perfectly nice nap area! 

Not to worry, I'm sure he'll find another
place for his mid morning rest.


  1. Seriously Seeker.... only you would figure that out!!! LOL

  2. I think Seeker needs to gather up many toys and have them float down your new invention. That would keep him busy for a bit. Too funny. I just watered my petunias --- again. Want some?