Friday, June 15, 2012


Seeker just LOVES those large indestructible balls that dogs can push around the yard.  
About 6 months ago, I bought him a small Jolly Ball.  
I'd forgotten about it, as it was upstairs in a box.  
Guess what I found today!!!  
So, I put it on the other handle of Nettle's bungee tug.  

What fun is that!!!

(BTW - Purple is one of my least favorite colors....can you tell??) 

Kind of makes me laugh!

Does anyone see a problem with this?

Luckily for me, Seeker did NOT let go!!

Unfortunately for Seeker, I did!  

It's a super soft bumper, and thumped him in the side.  
He didn't care, but I felt kind of bad.

(Can you say "Toy Recall")

Mr. Jolly Ball is now on a 'safer' fleece tug.

Regarding the bungee tug - 
(No Melinda, you can NOT have one!!)


  1. Those jolly ball toys are one of the best toys out there. Koira loves hers (though it no longer has a handle because it got chewed off)

  2. I think Tammy needs more PURPLE stuff!!!!