Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you know what this is??

Okay, so it's wire.....

Do you know what it was for?  

Obedience - Sits and Downs of course!

 The idea wasn't about 'understanding', it was about controlling.  In this case, I was controlling her ability to be able to move outside the square.  Of course, she could, it was just wire.  She wasn't really fond of the feeling on her feet, so she didn't.  This was just one of the 'many' ways I 'trained' stays.  To be honest, none of them really worked.  Did Molly get her CDX? Yes, but these were always a battle and never fun.  I hated them, she hated them, but 'unfortunately', or 'fortunately', depending on how you look at it, we were rewarded with some qualifying scores, placements, and titles. 

This was literally an 8 year battle.  
She got her CD at 1 year of age, her CDX at 9, all because 
of the out of sights, anxiety, and lack of understanding. 

If I'd only had 'Crate Games' back then!
I could have avoided so much anxiety on
both our parts! 

What an amazing little Novice A dog.  
If only I could start over with her again!
I miss you Molly.

 MACH U-ACHX That's My Molly CDX U-CDX  FGDCh (flyball), 
(1st MACH Bichon)
(1st Flyball Champion/ONYX/Grand Champion Bichon) 
(All NADAC Elite Titles....which have all changed since way back when......)


  1. What a cutie. My first memory of you was watching you guys heel out at the armory. I didn't know you then, just watched. Also I was fortunate and saw her MACH run - actually the first MACH I ever saw. Amazing. Great photo.

  2. Isn't it amazing - back then we were all about "make the dog do it." And it worked. Sort of. Except when it didn't.

    Thank heaven for patient dogs who put up with us! And for new training methods that help training be enjoyable for both parties.